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Morgan Wallen Being Sued By His Owns Fans After Canceling Concert Minutes Before It Was Scheduled To Begin

Country music superstar Morgan Wallen is no stranger to controversy. You’ll remember he nearly fumbled his career after he was caught on camera calling one of his friends the n-word. He later apologized and blamed the incident on his alcohol problem.

And for the most part, people forgave him. His songs are still topping the charts and his latest album even has a few crossover hits that have infiltrated the pop charts as well.

But the 29-year-old singer is deep in another controversy, and this time even his own fans are turning on him. If you haven’t heard, Wallen canceled his concert in Mississippi on Sunday night just minutes before he was set to take the stage. In fact, the opening acts had already performed!

And then over 60,000 fans were hit with this message on the screen…

Safe to say, his fans were super upset. Some people even filmed videos of their kids crying as they left the venue. And in one clip, a security guard at the venue claimed Wallen didn’t actually lose his voice. He says he was “too drunk” to perform and couldn’t even walk, so an ambulance came and transported him to a hospital.

In any event, his fans are not having it. Wallen and his team have said they’re going to refund everyone’s tickets, but his fans claim that’s not enough.

One fan named Brandi Burcham just filed a federal lawsuit this week against Wallen, accusing him of breach of contract and negilgence.

She says the guaranteed refunds do not take into account concertgoers’ ‘out of pocket expenses,’ such as food, lodging, transportation and other fees. Not only that … Burcham wants to make the suit a class action so she can incorporate other fans impacted by Wallen canceling his show as part of his ‘One Night at a Time Global Tour.’

A judge must certify the class action for that to happen. We’ll see what the judge thinks. I’m not sure about the “breach of contract” charge. I’m pretty sure performers are covered in some way, considering Wallen is not the first artist to cancel a concert, and he certainly won’t be the last.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.