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Jeremy Allen White’s Wife Addison Timlin Files For Divorce After Rumors She Cheated On Him With THIS Director

You probably recognize 32-year-old actor Jeremy Allen White from the hit tv show ‘Shameless‘ or the more recent hit series, The Bear.

By all accounts, White is a good family dude. He had been with his wife, Addison Timlin, since high school and they share two daughters together. He often talks about his family during interviews. You can just tell how much love he has for them.

But sadly, the family unit is no more. It’s being reported that Timlin filed for a divorce in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 11. As mentioned above, White and Timlin have two daughters together. They welcomed their first baby girl in 2018 and their second in 2020.

Cooper Raiff

Just as recently as January 2023 at the Golden Globes, White was thanking Timlin during his acceptance speech.

Addison Timlin, I love you deep in my bones. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s where things get interesting though. At the Golden Globes, White was wearing his wedding ring, but Timlin was not! And around that same time, a rumor spread that Timlin was actually having an affair with writer/actor/director, Cooper Raiff.

Apparently, Timlin is very good friends with Dakota Johnson, and Johnson recently filmed a movie with Raiff. According to the rumors, Timlin would often go to set and that’s when she connected with Raiff.

Obviously those rumors have not been confirmed, but the timing of it all would make sense. White doesn’t strike me as the type to gossip in public about this, so in order for these rumors to be confirmed, Raiff and Timlin will have to go public with their relationship.