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Amanda Bynes Reportedly Living Sad And “Isolated” Life After Most Recent Mental Health Scare

Back in March, Amanda Bynes was spotted walking the streets of downtown Los Angeles completely naked. She had been living on the street for days and finally realized she was having a mental breakdown. She actually flagged down a car for help.

She was taken to a nearby police station where a mental health expert determined she needed to be placed on a 5150 hold. She then entered a mental health facility and was there for nearly a month.

They were able to stabilize her and get her back on the right meds, which is great. But according to sources, Bynes has not had a great support system after leaving the facility in April. Insiders say she’s currently living by herself. The insider adds she is feeling “sad and isolated.”

She is on good terms with her family and communicates with them occasionally, but she doesn’t see them in person much.

Sources claimed Bynes has also been good about attending her outpatient treatments, seeing therapists and taking her medication.

Another source believes her friends are keeping their distance because they believe she’ll get back together with her “toxic” ex-fiance, Paul Michael, who reportedly was not there for Amanda when she was spiraling.

It’s interesting. Her friends are worried about her running back to her toxic ex, but really, they may accidentally be encouraging that to happen. The more Amanda feels alone, the more likely she is to reach out to her ex. I’m not saying it’s on her friends to prevent that from happening, but damn, they’re not making it easy on her.