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Pete Davidson And Girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders Are Officially Parents…To A Dog!

It looks like things are getting more serious between Pete Davidson and his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders. The cute couple, who have been dating since December 2022, decided to take their relationship to the next level by becoming dog parents.

They were spotted at NYC pet store, Citipups, on Wednesday. The store actually showed a video on its Instagram page of the actors inside the store.

According to the shop, Pete and Chase took home an adorable 2-and-a-half-month cava-poo puppy. For those who don’t know what a cava-poo looks like, here you go…

They’re a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds, and according to the dog sites, they’re playful, outgoing and curious… just like Pete himself.

This was probably a therapeutic experience for Pete. As some of you may remember, the 29-year-old star lost his beloved pup, Henry, back in May. He wrote a sweet tribute to Henry, via his best friend’s Instagram account.


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Sounds like Pete has a lot of love in his heart for a dog, so we’re sure this new pup will be treated like royalty.

By the way, if you’re wondering if Pete and Chase’s relationship is strong enough to handle a dog, well, it certainly seems like it. Just recently, Chase talked to Nylon about Pete, and it’s clear she’s feeling some type of way.

It was just clear that we could work together super well. He’s such a pro, and acting with him is my favorite thing. We talk about everything, and we are very open with each other about everything, and it feels like what’s happening in our relationship is very sacred.