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Jamie Foxx’s Rep Shuts Down Conspiracy Theory That COVID Vaccine Caused The Actor’s Illness

Well, it’s been around two months since Jamie Foxx was rushed to the hospital while filming a movie down in Atlanta. He’s now reportedly in a physical rehab facility in Chicago. Believe it or not, we still don’t know what exactly he’s suffering from. It’s truly amazing how those around him have been able to keep it a secret.

The top theory is that the 55-year-old actor suffered a stroke, which does seem likely, considering he’s at the age when they first start popping up for some people.

However, last week, a gossip columnist named A.J. Benza went on Dr. Drew’s dumb podcast and made the claim that Foxx developed a blood clot after getting the COVID vaccine. That’s right, people are still sharing COVID vaccine conspiracies… I mean, who is even getting the vaccine anymore? Is that still a thing?

Anyway, this Benza dude claimed the vaccine gave Foxx a blood clot, which then triggered a stroke, and the reason they don’t want to say anything about his illness is because he’s partially paralyzed. Of course, this “report” doesn’t add up with what Foxx’s daughter, Corinne, claimed a couple weeks prior, which was that Foxx was back to playing pickleball.

So yeah, that rumor from Benza spread online and now a publicist for Foxx has come out to shut it down. His rep told NBC News this week that the allegations made by Benza are “completely inaccurate.”

Unfortunately, the rep did not provide any additional comments, so we still don’t know what Foxx is suffering from. The fact that they’re keeping it a secret for so long certainly makes you think that Foxx is trying to overcome some sort of obstacle. We don’t know what that obstacle is, but here’s to hoping he can beat it.