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Doja Cat Shows Off New Body In Tiny Bikini While On Vacation With New Boo J. Cyrus

As some of you may know, 27-year-old singer Doja Cat recently underwent liposuction and breast reduction surgery. She reportedly wasn’t happy with how her body looked before and wanted a change.

She was honest with her fans about the surgery. In fact, she provided updates just four days after she had the surgery, tweeting out, “Feels ok. I got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if I move too much, but I’m healing really fast.”

Doja reportedly had fat removed from her thighs and she reduced her breasts to a size 32C.

And now some three months later, she’s ready to show off her new body. She was photographed on a yacht in Los Cabos with her new boyfriend, J. Cyrus. He’s a “comedian” and social media influencer type who has been accused of racist tweets and harassing multiple women. That’s pretty on brand for Doja’s taste in men.

You can see Doja was basically naked on this yacht. You could see it all.

It’s not clear how serious Doja and Cyrus are, but we don’t see them getting married or anything. Doja has managed to stay in the headlines a lot recently.

Just last month she made waves by basically calling her fans dumb.

To me, Doja comes off like a person who so desperately doesn’t want anyone to know how insecure they truly are.