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Kevin Costner’s Divorce Is Turning Ugly As Estranged Wife Refuses To Leave Family Home

As some of you may know, ‘Yellowstone‘ star Kevin Costner’s personal life is in shambles currently. The 68-year-old actor is going through a divorce with his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner.

This divorce has already been dramatic, with rumors floating around that Costner cheated on his wife with someone at work, although his team has worked hard to deny those rumors.

And now we’re learning that Baumgartner is refusing to leave the home they once shared together. TMZ says Costner is asking the court for help in trying to get her out. According to the report, they have a “long-standing” prenup which states that she must vacate their property within 30 days after filing for divorce.

Costner, 68, further alleged, according to the outlet, that Baumgartner is using her position as leverage to make the ‘Bodyguard’ actor agree to her ‘various financial demands.’

He says he’s already given her around $1.2 million for his prenuptial agreement, which is more than enough for her to find a new place to call home.

Per TMZ, in the court docs, Costner claimed that he is willing to ‘contribute as part of his child support obligations $30K per month for a rental house and is willing to advance another $10K for her moving costs.’

Daaamn. She could get $30k a month for rent? Why hasn’t she moved out yet? She could have a penthouse all to herself. It certainly seems like she’s trying to make it hard on him, which suggests he did her dirty at some point in the marriage. There’s obviously some bad blood here.

For those wondering, Costner has a net worth of $250 million, so he’s certainly not hurting for money.

And again I wonder… why do rich people get married?