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Rapper YK Osiris Accused Of Sexual Assault After Grabbing And Forcibly Kissing Sukihana

There’s a pretty wild video being shared on Twitter featuring rapper YK Osiris and ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ star Sukihana.

The disturbing incident went down this past weekend at The Crew League event in Atlanta. Suki is just chilling at the host table when Osiris comes up from behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders like a creep.

Suki appears uncomfortable — but then YK ramps it up, grabbing her face and attempting to kiss her. Suki successfully avoids his first attempt, but then he does it again as she yells out … this time planting one directly on her lips.

Check it out below… it does look pretty bad.

Yikes. Dude is just laughing like he pulled off the best prank ever. It’s clear he was not reading her body language at all, which clearly screamed, “Get the f**k off me!”

The incident wasn’t really addressed in the moment, most likely because she was at a table full of dudes who probably had no idea how to even approach the subject.

But she did send out this tweet later…

According to TMZ sources, Suki doesn’t know YK at all. They don’t have any sort of relationship. The insider also added that Suki didn’t want to make a big scene when it happened, but she was very uncomfortable.

As far as we know, YK hasn’t addressed the incident. He’s 24-years-old, which makes him a grown ass man. He needs to start acting like it, ’cause that was some sh*t the hyperactive kid on the playground pulls.

It’s time to grow up.