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Rebel Wilson Says People Only Need 600 Calories A Day, But Then Goes Back On Statement After Catching Heat!

Thriving on 600 calories? That’s what 43-year-old actress Rebel Wilson claimed last week during the launch party for her Fluid dating app.

During a reported discussion with the Daily Mail, Wilson talked about a week-long retreat at Vivamayr medical spa she recently went on. The retreat, which went down in Austria, taught her that the human body really only needs 600 calories to survive, and that the recommended 1,500 to 2,000 calorie goal is a myth.

I was just actually in a program where I learned about food, and they taught us that you don’t really need as many calories as you think. You really only need 600 calories. It might sound crazy, but your body doesn’t need a lot of calories, especially when detoxing. Everyone thinks that you need to eat so much, but if you eat right and you eat small portions, you’ll be just fine.

Obviously the internet did NOT like this. After all, it’s promoting some unhealthy eating habits. All our bodies need something different. I might need 1,700 calories to maintain my weight while you might need 1,400 or 2,000… it all just depends on your body type.

But most everyone needs more than 600 calories to maintain a healthy weight. Telling young girls they only need to consume 600 calories a day could be damaging.

Of course, Wilson is a little bit obsessed with losing weight. You’ll remember she has lost over 70 pounds in the past few years.

After news of this 600 calorie diet spread, Wilson jumped on her Instagram and denied the report. She posted a screenshot of the article from the Daily Mail on her Instagram Story, and wrote, “This reporting is UNTRUE and utterly ridiculous and harmful to women!”

So it sounds like perhaps she was talking about eating 600 calories a day during this week-long retreat/detox thing she was it, and the Daily Mail made it sound like she was advocating for it every single day?

In any event, please give your body more than 600 calories.