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Bam Margera Is All Smiles In First Public Outing Since His Psych Hold And Week In Treatment

For right now, ‘Jackass‘ star Bam Margera is finally happy, and at least somewhat sober. As you all know, he’s been struggling mightily with a drug and alcohol addiction. It’s been many years since the 43-year-old star was sober and healthy.

And earlier this month, Bam was placed on an involuntary, 72-hour hold after cops found him slurring his speech and acting bizarrely at a taco shop in Los Angeles.

In conjunction with his public suicide threats, his behavior was deemed concerning enough that the officers called in psychiatric evaluation experts, who ultimately decided that a 5150 was necessary. His older brother, Jess Margera, later told Page Six that he had requested a wellness check on Bam after he sent suicidal texts to his parents.

Days before his 72-hour hold, he went on his Instagram account to let his followers know he plans to smoke crack with the “bums” at the boardwalk until he either dies or can see his son, who he shares with his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd.

After entering the hospital to be evaluated, former NBA player Lamar Odom visited Bam and offered him a room at one of his addiction facilities in Los Angeles.

That’s where Bam has been for the last week or two. Now, obviously he needs more than a week or two of help, but there is an outpatient program that he’s reportedly in.

And on Thursday, Bam was spotted out for the first time in Malibu at the trendy restaurant, Nobu. He was there with his girlfriend, Jessica.

He smiled and gave a thumbs up toward the cameras…

He was spotted smoking on a cigarette, but I suppose you can’t kick every bad habit all at once.

Here’s to hoping he can finally stay sober this time.