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Madonna Found Unresponsive In Home, Rushed To Hospital And Placed In ICU

The world almost lost the queen of pop last week. According to multiple reports, Madonna was found unresponsive inside her home in New York City and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Her situation was so serious she had to be intubated for at least one night before having the tube removed. She then spent several days in the ICU, and doctors say it was all because of a severe bacterial infection.

While a source tells us the Queen of Pop is now ‘out of the ICU,’ Oseary explained in his post, ‘She is still under medical care. A full recovery is expected.’

Sources say her daughter, Lourdes Leon, has been by her side nearly the entire time. We’re not sure what caused this bacterial infection, but some people have speculated it may be from all her plastic surgery. However, that’s just speculation. Don’t go around sharing that information as fact!

Rosie O’Donnell jumped on her Instagram early Thursday morning to post a throwback photo of Madonna. She captioned the post, “shes feeling good 👍🏽 #madonna #love.”


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It’s hard to believe, but Madonna is 64-years-old. In one year, she’ll be eligible for Medicare, so you know, she’s getting up there in age. Any infection could be serious for her.

We’re glad she’s on the road to recovery. Hopefully doctors were able to determine what caused the infection. Our thoughts go out to her!