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Pete Davidson Is Reportedly In Rehab For His Ongoing Struggle With Mental Health

It looks like Pete Davidson is having a particularly difficult time with his mental health. According to multiple sources, the 29-year-old comedian/actor is currently inside a rehab facility, to get treatment for his borderline personality disorder. For those who don’t know, BPD is often considered to be one of the “worst” disorders to have.

PageSix claims Pete is at the same facility John Mulaney went to in Pennsylvania, when he was struggling with an addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

A close friend of Pete’s tells us his girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, and his other friends are rallying behind him and are by his side … telling us Pete periodically checks himself in to work on these issues and better himself.

Apparently, he treats rehab like an oil change. He just hops in there when he needs a tune-up. We’re not sure how long he’s been inside the facility, or how long he’s planning on staying.

The past several months have been up and down for Pete. Back in March, he crashed his vehicle into a home in Beverly Hills after speeding down a residential street. And this past month, he was charged with one count of reckless driving for the incident.

So maybe a mental reset is needed. A close friend of the comedian claims he knows when he needs help, and he’s not afraid to get it.

Anyone who knows Pete knows that he will always step up and get help when he knows he needs it. He has a lot of people in his corner who love him and support him, and are proud of him.

For those who don’t know, Pete had a pretty brutal childhood. He lost his father when he was just 7-years-old. His dad was a firefighter and died during the 9/11 attacks.