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Madonna Released From Hospital, But Still Bedridden And Reportedly Vomiting Uncontrollably

There’s good news and bad news for the Queen of Pop. According to TMZ sources, Madonna has been released from the hospital, but unfortunately she’s still battling the impacts left behind from her serious bacterial infection.

Sources say she’s currently too sick to get out of bed. They say she’s been vomiting uncontrollably ever since being released from the hospital. They did not say why, but it’s possible they had her on strong antibiotics that messed with her digestive system.

The insiders claimed she first began puking on Saturday when the symptoms started and that she also ‘collapsed’ at the time.

Why do we need to know this information? Not sure, but this is why I believe Jamie Foxx has some real a** people around him, because you haven’t heard any leaks from his people. No one talking about his puking habits.

According to TMZ, Madonna has been laser focused preparing for her ‘Celebration‘ tour. She was putting in 12 hour days, and according to insiders, she had been battling a fever for a month, but tried to ignore it because she didn’t want it to interrupt her tour rehearsal.

We’re told she was afraid if she sought medical care, it might jeopardize the tour, which she’s been working so hard to prepare for and posting behind the scenes shots of. The delay made the infection far worse.

No word on how long the tour will have to be postponed, but you have to imagine this will set everything back at least a few months, but possibly much longer, depending on how much weight/energy she has lost following this infection.