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A Long History Of Emotional And Physical Abuse? Rolling Stone Says Jonathan Majors Is A Monster

In August, 33-year-old actor Jonathan Majors will begin his trial for his domestic abuse case. You’ll remember that he was arrested earlier this year after his then-girlfriend accused him of choking her and slapping her during a fight. She later recanted her claims in a desperate text message sent to Majors. She was basically begging him to take her back and trying to say everything was her fault.

The text messages were released by Majors’ team, in hopes of proving his innocence, but most everyone could see that the texts were textbook for a woman in an abusive relationship. She basically said it was her fault that he hit her.

Anyway, there was apparently enough evidence for cops to move forward with the charges. As mentioned above, the trial is set for August, but this week, Rolling Stone released a potentially damaging article. In the report, which was released on Wednesday, Rolling Stone claims it interviewed more than 40 people who knew Majors during his time as a graduate student and budding Hollywood star.

They described volatile, unpredictable moments of anger, emotional abuse and occasional violence, and all spoke on condition anonymity. Rolling Stone did not speak directly with any of Majors’ former girlfriends, however. One former colleague told the music magazine that a nondisclosure agreement prohibited them from speaking at all.

At least nine of the people interviewed said Majors choked one of his girlfriends and made it difficult for her to leave the relationship. He allegedly “exploited his power in the relationship to prevent her from leaving him.”

Others described him as being ‘aggressive’ at work, including shoving incident on the set of the upcoming ‘Magazine Dreams’ described by two anonymous sources. A production source told Rolling Stone that bosses became aware of a complaint at the end of filming, but disputed that anyone was physically intimidated.

Classmates noted that his “intensity” was one of the things that made him a great actor, but he often took it too far, and sometimes they felt like they were in danger.

At one point, classmates sent complaints to Yale administrators, who responded with a written reminder about decorum. A spokesperson for the program declined to comment to Rolling Stone.

Of course, Majors’ team is denying these claims. His lawyers sent a statement to the magazine strongly denying the reports. They also reportedly sent the magazine six character witnesses from women who he previously dated or worked with, but the outlet says only one of the women ended up standing behind her statement.

One woman didn’t respond, another said the statement wasn’t ‘truthful’ and three more claimed they didn’t consent to have theirs released.

We’ll see how this all plays out in court.