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Super Awkward Video Of Olivia Rodrigo Fan Asking Her To Prom Is The Worst Thing You’ll Watch Today

It’s been a minute since we’ve had some celebrity cringe to show you, but thankfully we’re delivering the goods today.

Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo had a pretty awkward encounter with a fan last week at YouTube Space in Los Angeles for her music video premiere of Vampire.

During a little meet and greet beforehand, a teenage boy approached her to take a photo and then presented her with a red rose, inviting her to prom.

At first, Olivia seemed excited, saying, “Oh, my God! I’ve always wanted to go to prom. Give me your number,” but before the dude could even open his contacts, she had walked off to take photos with other fans.

That didn’t stop him from following her and holding out his phone to get her attention. She briefly made eye contact with his phone, looked a little annoyed, and then continued walking away.

It’s pretty brutal.

Yikes. I mean, she was kinda in a lose-lose situation. If she says no when he asks, then that’s also weird and awkward, plus she could come off as rude. If she says yes and takes his number, then stands him up, that’s also rude.

Honestly. She chose the best option. Say yes and then run away.

The video has gone viral on TikTok, with one fan commenting, “Damn. She changed her mind INSTANTLY😂,” and another person wrote, “THE WAY SHES IGNORING HIM AT THE END HELPPPP”

It does appear that this dude has a mildly successful YouTube channel, so perhaps this ends with him getting more subscribers.

Everyone wins here.