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Cardi B And Offset Attend Event Together And Appear To Be United After Cheating Allegations

The saga of Cardi B and Offset’s tumultuous relationship continues. As we told you last week, Offset jumped on his Instagram Story to randomly accuse Cardi B of having sex with another dude.

She was having none of it. She went on Twitter Spaces to talk directly with her fans, telling them not to listen to that “country man” and claimed it was laughable he would accuse her of cheating when he was actually caught cheating during the beginning of their relationship.

It certainly looked like they were headed toward another split, but apparently they worked things out over the weekend. The married couple attended the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris this week, and they were all over each other: hugging, holding hands and kissing.

Who knows if this was all for the cameras, although, Cardi doesn’t really strike me as the type of person who could fake it for the cameras.

It seems like Offset got some bad intel last week, made the mistake of posting about it in a fit of jealous rage, and then got scolded by Cardi for it.

Still though, if I were betting on what celeb marriages would go the distance, I’m skipping their union. That’s a risky bet. Too risky for me.