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Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend Publicly Shames Her Revealing Outfit, And Now Everyone Hates Him!

We could all see this coming. If you don’t know, Keke Palmer recently welcomed a baby with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson. The couple hadn’t been together THAT long before welcoming the baby, and the time they had been together, they were off/on like Rachel and Ross.

Their relationship was doomed from the beginning, and Jackson may have put the final nail in the coffin yesterday. On Wednesday (July 5) Jackson went on his Twitter account and shamed Palmer for wearing a revealing outfit at the Usher concert in Las Vegas.

And when people called him out on it, telling him that’s a private conversation to be had, he doubled down and tried to turn himself into the victim…

And it was pretty clear to everyone that he wasn’t actually pissed about the outfit, he was obviously jealous of her interaction with Usher…

Yeah, she was flirty in the video… but it’s Usher! And it was a concert. They gave each other a friendly hug after. It’s not like she went back to his hotel room later.

In any event, Darius felt some type of way and decided to post about it all over the internet. And it looks like Keke is throwing his dumb a** to the curb. She unfollowed him on Instagram and posted a series of photos showing off her revealing outfit from the night.

She also praised Usher in the post, which had to make Darius even angrier.


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Daaamn. She just dropped that fool. Didn’t even mention him by name, but still drowned him in shade.

Don’t feel bad for the guy. He’s an a**hole. Just before getting with Keke, he got his ex pregnant and pressured her into getting an abortion…

Keke deserves better.