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Source Says Jamie Foxx Still Not “100 Percent” Following Mystery Illness

We have seen a few public sightings of Jamie Foxx this past week in Chicago, which is a huge deal because before this, he hadn’t been spotted out in public in two months.

You’ll remember he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a medical complication while filming a movie in Atlanta. His family and friends asked everyone for prayers, and at one point the situation looked dire.

But he recovered enough to be transferred to a top psychical rehab facility in Chicago a month ago. He’s still getting treatment at the facility, but the past week, he was spotted on a boat, returning a lady’s lost purse, playing Top Golf and a round of pickleball.

All good news, right? Well, yeah, but one insider says the 55-year-old actor still isn’t 100 percent.

Jamie is doing so much better and he’s starting to feel like himself again. He’s not 100 percent and is still taking things easy, but he’s definitely on the road to recovery. He has a huge support system around him and his friends and family are making sure that he doesn’t take on too much. He’s feeling really good and is excited to get back to work once the time is right.

Sounds like things are headed in the right direction. It’s pretty insane that we still don’t know what his medical complication was/is. The fact that it hasn’t leaked is a miracle, and it really shows he has some great people around him.

We’re sure he’ll give one of those tell-all interviews in the next or month two. It’ll get some massive ratings too. They better pay him!