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Ariana Grande And Husband Of Two Years Dalton Gomez Are Getting A Divorce

Ariana Grande thought she had found the one with husband Dalton Gomez, but it looks like she’s entering back into search mode.

According to multiple sources close to the couple, Grande and her real estate agent husband are getting a divorce after splitting up back in January.

They came to the decision together. They were having problems before January, but they want to remain best friends. They’ve been really good friends throughout the entire process, and their friends and families have been trying to protect them.

Insiders say Gomez visited Grande on the ‘Wicked‘ set in London in a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage, but as you can see by this report, it did not work out.

Fans of Ariana probably saw this split coming after the 30-year-old singer appeared at Wimbledon over the weekend without her wedding band. That’s usually the first sign of trouble in a celebrity marriage. When they make that decision to go out in public without their ring, because they know everyone is going to notice it.

The last time she was seen in public with the ring was back in April.

It does appear Grande’s commitment to filming ‘Wicked’ over in London has played a major role in this split. She and Gomez have been apart since December, because his work is back in the states.

They obviously were having problems before she left for London, and with her being thousands of miles away, they just couldn’t work them out.