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Tom Brady Is Reportedly Dating Bradley Cooper’s Ex Irina Shayk, Get The Details Inside!

Have you heard the news? Tom Brady is moving on from his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, and he’s moving on with another foreign supermodel.

The NFL legend was spotted taking Bradley Cooper’s ex, Irina Shayk, on a sushi date in New York City late last month. Insiders described the date as “romantic” and they had a private area inside the restaurant.

An insider who was at the restaurant had this to say about their entrance…

I was dining at the sushi counter, and as I was finishing my meal, Tom Brady was coming in. They escorted him to a private room. Then Irina came in and was escorted to the same room. It was just the two of them. They were just in their own little world. They clearly didn’t want to be around people.

This romantic date came just one week after Shayk was spotted spending the night at Brady’s home in Los Angeles. Yeah, the dude is bicoastal.

Apparently, Bundchen is not happy about this relationship, at least according to one source. But who knows if that source is trustworthy. We can’t imagine her caring that much considering she is the one who ended the marriage.

In any event, Brady is ready to move on. He posted a lengthy Instagram caption this week about his recent trip to Africa for his birthday.

He talked about how focused he is on building relationships and memories, which we have to believe is a little annoying to hear if you’re Bundchen. That’s all she was asking for during their marriage, and he kept choosing football over her. Now that he’s officially retired, he’s ready to become a family man.


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