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Tyrese Gibson Is Suing Home Depot Because They Didn’t Give Him The “Star” Treatment

It’s difficult to find a more annoying celebrity than Tyrese Gibson. The 44-year-old actor/singer, best known for his starring role in the ‘Fast & Furious‘ franchise is suing Home Depot for $1 million because he believes a cashier racially profiled him.

The incident, which went down in February at a Home Depot in the San Fernando Valley, started when Gibson left his credit card with the workers who were remodeling his home. He had been with them in the store, but when they went to checkout, he claims he was getting recognized, so he went out to the car to wait.

When his workers tried to use his card without him, the cashier instructed them she needed to see I.D. to match the card.

And instead of simply walking back inside the store to show his I.D., Gibson had his employee FaceTime him, so he could speak to the cashier from outside the store.


When the cashier refused to back down, Tyrese basically threatened her, saying his next door neighbor in Atlanta is the CEO of Home Depot, so he’ll be having a conversation with him.

Eventually, Gibson had to come back inside the store to complete the purchase, but not before accusing the cashier of being a racist.

Apparently, Gibson’s talk with his CEO neighbor in Atlanta didn’t go well because he’s now suing the store.

Gibson and the two other plaintiffs, Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez, are seeking over $1 million in damages — to reflect the amount Gibson says he’s spent at Home Depot locations over his lifetime — in addition to punitive damages and ‘a declaratory judgment declaring that’ Home Depot’s actions violated California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act.

I mean, obviously I wasn’t there, but based on the videos, this looks like a case of an inconvenienced celebrity who is pissed they aren’t being given star treatment.

We’ll see what happens with this case, but I can’t imagine him winning.