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Katharine McPhee’s Nanny Was Killed In A Truly Tragic Accident At A Car Dealership

Last week we told you that Katharine McPhee had to rush back home to Los Angeles for a family emergency. You’ll remember she was on tour in Asia with her husband, David Foster, when she told her Instagram followers she’d have to miss the final two shows of the tour to go back home.

And while McPhee and Foster still haven’t publicly commented on the “family emergency” we are hearing details on what happened.

According to the reports, the nanny to McPhee and Foster’s son, was tragically killed in a terrible accident at a car dealership in the San Fernando Valley. Insiders say the nanny, Yadiro Calito, was waiting for her car to be serviced when an 84-year-old woman “drove a white Toyota RAV4 into the covered service bay driveway.”

Calito was pinned under the SUV and dragged for around 20 feet before bystanders were able to free her. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but sadly she passed away a short time later.

The reports say the elderly driver thought she was hitting the brake, but instead went down on the gas, which is all too common in elderly drivers. They really should require drivers over the age of 80 to take a yearly driving test.

Our thoughts certainly go out to Calito’s family, and we can only hope McPhee and Foster are helping them out. What a terrible situation.