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Britney Spears And Husband Sam Asghari Are Headed For A Divorce, And Everyone Is Worried About Britney

It looks like Britney Spears may be rapidly approaching another spiral. She and her husband Sam Asghari are currently in the middle of a huge argument and sources believe they are headed for a divorce.

Sources who talked with TMZ claim Sam confronted Britney a week ago about a rumor she cheated on him. We don’t know if the rumor has any truth to it, but we do know Sam certainly believes it and the two had a huge argument.

Our sources say Sam has moved out of their house and is now living in a place of his own. As one source put it, ‘It’s only a matter of time before Sam files for divorce.’

This would be a huge blow to Britney, who has been leaning on Sam for emotional support. He was with her throughout her lengthy court battle with her family. Although, who knows, maybe this was his plan all along? Get her control back, her money, and then make up some reason to divorce her to collect spousal support.

That’s just wild speculation though. By all accounts, Sam really does like her. In fact, sources say she’s actually been physically abusive toward him.