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Jonah Hill’s Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Brady Claims She Was Roughed Up During “Involuntary Mental Hold”

Remember Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady? You know, the one who released all those texts between her and Hill, trying to paint him as emotionally abusive and manipulative during their time together? At first, people were on her side, but then she pushed things even more, and started releasing private texts that weren’t even connected to the claims she was making.

People started questioning her motives, and now they may be questioning her sanity.

She went on her Instagram Story this week and shared a bizarre video, showing nasty looking bruises on her arms. According to her, the bruises came while she was being held against her will by medical workers who “laughed at her” and treated her like a “violent animal.”

Medics strapped me down, shoved a mask in my mouth, put some mesh s–t over my face, LAUGHED AT ME. They just asked if I was intoxicated. I clearly stated, ‘No. I had had nothing that day,’ I had had a beer the night before or something like that, and then they asked if I had any mental health conditions and I was honest.

Brady goes on to say the night before she was recklessly driving a golf cart around a golf course, but she was not stopped for that, so she had no idea why they were coming after her now.

I actually chose to go with the cops over [to the] ambulance when I was offered the choice but then the officer said I’d get to drink water if I went in the ambulance. So I did that as I was extremely dehydrated.

She then shared the photo you see below, claiming this is how her room looked at the facility she was placed in…

There’s more, but perhaps the most important bit of information is her saying this is not the first time she’s been involuntary hospitalized.

This is like my fourth or fifth time being put in the hospital and treated like a street dog so I wasn’t very shocked but it was the most violent I’ve ever experienced.

Uhhhhhh… if you’ve been involuntary hospitalized four or five times, I think it might help to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question, “Why?”