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Sophie Turner And Priyanka Chopra Unfollow Each Other On Instagram After Joe Jonas Split

As almost all of you should know by now, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are headed for a divorce. They will likely start the court battle next year. Last week, they had a 3-day mediation with their lawyers to agree on a temporary custody plan for their two children.

And sources say it was a productive meeting and they came to an agreement they were both happy with.

But unfortunately, it looks like there’s still some bad blood between the extended family. Fans noticed that Turner no longer follows Nick Jonas’ wife, Priyanka Chopra. And Chopra no longer follows Turner. This is interesting because they were pretty close at one point, along with Kevin’s wife, Danielle.

Priyanka even spoke highly about her connection to Sophie and Danielle … saying over the years that they are her ‘family by proxy,’ since she grew up without a sister.

In 2019, Chopra was a bridesmaid at Sophie and Joe’s wedding in Las Vegas, so you know… there was a legit friendship between Chopra and Sophie.

But apparently, that friendship/sisterhood is no more. What’s weird is that Turner still follows Joe, Nick, Kevin, and Danielle. Makes you wonder what happened between her and Priyanka.

A couple years back, Nick talked about how happy he was that all of their spouses got along with each other…

It’s a great feeling. I mean, it’s kind of a dream where, as close as we are as brothers, that our wives and fiancée are so connected as well.

Damn. What a sad ending.