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Katie Couric Reveals Bob Saget Never Called Her Back After Sharing Intimate Kiss Following First Date

We all miss the always lovely Bob Saget. The comedian/Full House star died back in January of 2022 after falling in his hotel room and suffering a brain bleed. He was just 65-years-old.

Thankfully, those who knew him best are keeping his memory alive by sharing stories from his younger days. Bob’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, was on Tuesday’s podcast episode of Next Question with Katie Couric. Bob’s co-star and close friend, John Stamos, was also involved in the episode.

During the conversation, Katie revealed she actually went on a date with Bob years ago.

I had a date with him once, as you know. I really liked him. I found him so cute and funny and amusing. We shared a kiss in my apartment foyer. He was a good kisser.

Rizzo laughed and assured Katie that Bob “adored” her and always spoke highly of her. Katie replied by joking, “Well, not enough to call me again.”


Stamos chimed in and speculated that Bob was intimidated by her, and that may have something to do with the advice Stamos gave him before the date.

I should have gone back to my texts and seen, because I feel like I was texting him [before your date], ‘Don’t blow it. Act smart around Katie. She’s a very intelligent woman, she’s not just beautiful. Be careful, Bob.’

Ah, yes. Two words you always want to hear before a first date, “Be careful.”