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Wild Video Shows Bear Infiltrating Hotel Kitchen And Taking Down An Employee!

If you’re hiking in the woods, you might be on high alert for a bear, but if you’re simply walking through a kitchen at a hotel? Not so much.

The video above is pretty crazy. In the surveillance footage, you can see a pretty huge bear casually walking through the kitchen at the St. Regis Aspen Resort. The hotel is currently closed for renovations, but there is an on-duty security guard who keeps things in check.

And this poor security guard got the scare of his life when he turned a corner in the kitchen and came face-to-face with a bear. You can see the bear stands up tall and knocks the guard down to the ground with ease.

Thankfully, the bear didn’t go after the guy even more. Instead, the bear simply walked away as if nothing happened. The guard called 911 and was transported to a local hospital to treat some gnarly scratches on his back. He was released later that same day.

Wildlife officials found the culprit early Tuesday morning but couldn’t immediately sedate it due to ‘public safety’ … but a whole day later, they spotted it in a nearby park and used a tranquilizer gun on it while in a tree.

Sadly, they ended up euthanizing the bear, which is apparently standard policy when a bear is involved in an attack on a human. The bear’s body was sent to the CPW Wildlife Health Lab for a full autopsy.