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John Stamos Says Embarrassing ‘Friends’ Moment Nearly Crushed Him, But Matthew Perry Pulled Him Up!

We are all still trying to deal with the fact that ‘Friends‘ star Matthew Perry is no longer with us. We all knew and loved him as Chandler Bing, but for his friends, family, and co-stars? He was much more than a sitcom character.

John Stamos recently went on his Instagram account to pen a tribute to the late actor. He shared a pretty sweet story about the time he briefly guest starred on an episode of ‘Friends’ in the ninth season.

The “Full House” alum played one of Monica and Chandler’s potential sperm donors in the episode, and before Stamos went out on stage to face the live studio audience, Perry told him, “The audience is going to go crazy when they see you,” but unfortunately for Stamos, they didn’t go crazy at all.

“I walk through the door … silence. I was so embarrassed,” Stamos remembers, adding that he did the scene and started to slither back to the dressing room, ready to quit showbiz.

But then Perry did something pretty wonderful. He walked over to the audience and said:

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for John Stamos! You guys probably didn’t recognize him at first because he’s so much better looking in person!

Stamos said he never forgot that moment, and added that the world will never forget Perry.



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Pretty neat. The world lost a good one.