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‘Friends’ Director Shares He Texted The Cast After Learning Of Matthew Perry’s Tragic Passing

The world is still trying to cope with the tragic death of ‘Friends‘ star Matthew Perry. As we’re sure all of you know, the 54-year-old actor was found dead last Saturday inside his hot tub. According to the reports, it was his assistant who discovered his body.

So far, police say it doesn’t look drugs played a role in his death, which seems to suggest he may have had a heart attack or some other medical emergency while inside the hot tub.

Filmmaker James Burrows, who directed 15 episodes of the iconic show, talked to the Today show this week, and he revealed that he reached out to “the girls” of the show after he learned of Perry’s passing.

“They were destroyed,” he revealed, before adding, “It’s a brother dying.” He did not reveal if he also reached out to Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. He did talk about how “inventive” Perry was in front of the camera, and said he had a certain way of “turning a line.”

As for the days leading up to Perry’s death, those who knew him claim he was happy.

‘Friends’ co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane recalled in a Tuesday interview with Hoda Kotb that Perry was ‘happy and chipper’ the last time they spoke to him.

Additionally, the model who had lunch with Perry just one day before he died says he was in great spirits and talked about projects he had lined up.

I want to emphasize that Matthew … talked to me enthusiastically about the things he had coming up in his life. He was so happy and vibrant.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.