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Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Are Returning To The Public Eye With New Podcast

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes shocked the world a year ago when it was revealed they were having an affair on their respective partners. As some of you may remember, they were co-workers for years on GMA3, but when their affair was revealed, ABC fired them both.

But to their credit, they didn’t send out some fake apology statement or try to repair their image. Instead, they leaned into the affair and were spotted kissing in public and going on multiple vacations together.

Now, one year later, they’re launching a podcast together called, Amy and T.J., and according to the press release, it will feature the couple as they explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between.

Amy & T.J. is guaranteed to be informative, entertaining, and above all, authentic; it will mark the first time Robach and Holmes speak publicly since their own names became a part of the headlines.

The first episode is expected to drop on the iHeartPodcast Network on December 5, 2023, and the press release claims nothing is off limits, so you’d have to assume they’ll be addressing the affair in this first episode.

They also went on their Instagram accounts to promote the project, captioning the post, “How’s this for Instagram official? #silentnomore,” they did limit their comments though, probably expecting a lot of hate.


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One of the comments they approved was from Al Roker, who wrote, “Welcome back,” so it looks like at least some people are supportive of their union.