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Kourtney Kardashian Says She’s “Triggered” By Tristan Thompson Cheating On Her Sister Khloe

Well, Khloe Kardashian may not give two poops about Tristan Thompson cheating on her a billion times, but her sister Kourtney Kardashian certainly does.

During this week’s episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney talked about how sometimes she finds it difficult to be friendly with Thompson during family outings. She even dragged her 11-year-old daughter Penelope into the discussion.

I told her the first day of school, I was so triggered by him. I know why, but I feel like we all brush it off and are fine, and then I was just so triggered and I was like, ‘I just can’t do it anymore.’ There’s times when I’m so triggered by him I can’t be around him and then theres times when I just let it go because we just want harmony and, you know, he’s the father of my niece and nephew.

Khloe knows how Kourtney and Penelope feel about Tristan, and she claims she doesn’t have a problem with it. In fact, she completely understands.

If Penelope has feelings about Tristan, rightfully so. And good for you, girl. I want Penelope to have these feelings and I don’t wanna talk her out of them because I don’t want this behavior to be something that I’m validating or I’m justifying. I want her to know that how she feeling is the right way to feel. We should not accept someone treating us like this.

How does Kim feel about it all? Well, she sees good in Tristan, claiming he’s a good dad and friend, but realizes he just couldn’t commit to being a boyfriend.

It’s so crazy because he’s such a good friend and he’s such a good dad, but he just couldn’t get it together in that area of being a faithful boyfriend. You want to obviously hate him for that. Yeah, of course, his actions and who he was are so f—ed up, I can’t deny that, and we’ve had our talks about it and had our fights about it … but he’s also shown so many decent things.

A complicated relationship. No doubt about it.