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People Are Roasting Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez For Their Super Weird Vogue Photoshoot

Billionaires are typically, uh, eccentric people, and Amazon creator Jeff Bezos is no different. The 59-year-old entrepreneur and his fiancee, Lauren Sanchez, participated in a little photoshoot for Vogue, and well, it’s giving off some weird vibes.

It’s a Western-themed shoot, and of course, it’s heavily edited. Honestly, someone could tell me these were generated by AI and I’d 100% believe them.

I’m not sure I’ve ever looked at Bezos and thought, “Cowboy!” and even now, as he’s dressed in a cowboy hat, I still don’t quite believe it.

Several people online have been roasting Bezos and Sanchez, writing things like:

“I’ve never been more uncomfortable with a photo.”

“Ridiculous photograph. Halloween is over.”

“This is the #1 most cringe post I have ever seen. Unfollowing.”

Damn. Haters online truly don’t give a f**k. But you know who else probably doesn’t give a f**k? Bezos. The dude is worth nearly $200 billion. He can do anything he wants in life… multiple times. He can live anywhere he wants to live. He can break probably every law and not face any consequences. So yeah, I doubt some roasting on the internet is going to mess up his day.