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Dwayne Johnson Seems To Shade President Biden During Conversation With Joe Rogan

Back in 2020, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson endorsed President Biden, but now three years later, his support seems to be wavering. The 51-year-old actor was on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently, and they briefly discussed the dangerous subject of politics.

They were talking about how most Americans seem to pick their friends based on political affiliation. Not many Biden supporters are hanging out with Trump supporters.

But Johnson and Rogan believe that needs to change. Johnson says he has friends who support Trump and friends who support Biden.

That’s when Rogan questioned him, “Do you really have friends who support Biden?” getting at the fact that even democrats don’t seem all that excited to vote for Biden again.

Johnson laughed and thanked Rogan for checking him on that, adding that his friends don’t exactly support Biden, but they do support the democratic party. He was clearly throwing some shade toward Biden. It’ll be interesting to see if he endorses anyone next year, especially if the choices are indeed Trump and Biden.

According to TMZ, Johnson might be setting up his own run for president in the future…

Dwayne has clearly been making quite the impact in politics … recently divulging on Trevor Noah‘s Spotify podcast that last year he was approached by several political parties to see if he would run for President. That’s following a 2021 poll revealing 46% of Americans would vote for him.

Pretty crazy that 46% of Americans would vote for him. Apparently, the only requirements you need to be president these days are fame and fortune.