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‘The 1975’ Frontman Matty Healy Calls Kanye West His “Hero” While Whining About Not Getting Any Grammy Noms

Matty Healy, the lead singer of the band ‘The 1975’, is no stranger to controversy. You’ll remember when he briefly dated Taylor Swift earlier this year, people found old interviews of his where he talked about watching “ghetto” p*rn and mocked the accent of asians.

And during a recent concert in New York City this week, he put his foot inside his mouth once again.

In between songs, he went on a rant against the Grammys, complaining about how his band hasn’t been nominated for enough awards.

The fact that we didn’t get nominated for a Grammy was a f–king outrage. The reason people don’t say that is ’cause it’s not a very tasteful thing to say, but I’m way past tasteful. Are you f–king mental?

He then went on to name specific songs and albums of his that he felt deserved to be recognized by the Grammys. After whining for a few more minutes, he randomly switched gears to talk about how much he respects Kanye West.

I’m not being self-celebratory, but Kanye is one of my heroes. You know what? You’ve got to f–king believe in yourself.

The crowd started to boo, likely because Kanye is still facing heat for his hateful comments against the Jewish community. Healy acknowledged that West is an “awkward hero” to have, but then urged the audience to “separate the antisemitism” and instead focus on the “self-belief.”

Sensing the discomfort in the room, Healy stopped talking and launched into The 1975’s next song. (Throughout the group’s tour, the frontman has performed a bit in which he makes various controversial comments, only for his bandmates to abruptly cut him off and start playing music.)

Sounds like he believes he’s the star of the show.