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Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Will Smith’s Reaction To Claim He Was Caught Having Sex With A Man

As we told you yesterday, a man by the name of Brother Bilaal went on the ‘Unwine with Tasha K‘ show this past week and made some pretty outrageous claims against Will Smith.

He claims years ago, while working as Smith’s assistant, he caught the 55-year-old actor having sex with fellow actor Duane Martin in a dressing room. He provided details, claiming Smith was bent over a couch and being taken from behind by Martin.

Of course, a rep for Smith denied the claims and threatened to take legal action against Bilaal.

And on Thursday, Jada Pinkett Smith appeared on an episode of The Breakfast Club and claimed she and Will were trying to find the humor in the situation.

“You have to because it’s absolutely ridiculous. You’ve just got to laugh about it. And it’s unfortunate,” she told Charlamagne Tha God. The host joked that Smith probably asked Jada if he gives off “bottom energy,” and Jada laughed.

“No, he was just like, ‘Do you believe this sh*t?'” she revealed. She also confirmed what Smith’s reps said, detailing a plan to take legal action against Bilaal.

This is a person that tried a shakedown, a money shakedown that didn’t work. … It’s based around this person’s idea that they in some way were doing business around Will’s book and that they spent money or what have you and that they needed to be compensated. Will was willing to give him a certain amount, and he didn’t take it. I don’t know all the details.

Whatever the case, it really shouldn’t matter either way. If the worst thing you can say about Smith is that he once had gay sex, then, well… he’s doing okay.