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Jennifer Lawrence Shoots Down Plastic Surgery Rumors, Claims She Just Lost Weight

If you watched the hit comedy film, No Hard Feelings, earlier this year, you probably laughed a lot. You also probably had the thought, “Huh… what did Jennifer Lawrence do to her face?”

The 33-year-old star looks great in the movie, but there’s definitely something different about her face. She doesn’t look like the same person from 5 or 10 years ago. And many people contributed this to lots of plastic surgery.

But in a new interview with Kylie Jenner for Interview Magazine, Lawrence claims all the credit goes to losing baby weight and her “incredible” makeup artist.

I also think it’s incredible what makeup can do because I work with Hung [Vanngo], who overlines the lip, and I call him a plastic surgeon, because everybody in the last few months since I’ve been working with him is convinced that I had eye surgery. I’m like, ‘I didn’t have eye surgery. I’m doing makeup.’

She then talked about how it’s normal for one’s face to change as they get older, pointing how most people remember her from ‘The Hunger Games‘ franchise when she was in her early 20s.

I started at 19, so I get the before and after pictures from when I’m 19 to 30 and I’m like, ‘I grew up. I lost baby weight in my face, and my face changed because I’m aging,’ Everybody thought I had a nose job, and I’m like, ‘I’ve had the exact same nose. My cheeks got smaller. Thank you for bringing it up.’

Of course, Kylie chimed in and was like, “I feel you girl! I’m also all natural!” but we know both of them are lying. Perhaps J-Law isn’t counting “botox” as plastic surgery, but she’s definitely had some. Her face does not move like a normal person’s face, and that has nothing to do with aging. In fact, it’s the opposite of aging.

As for Kylie? Well, she’s had much more than botox, but she’s only ever admitted to having lip fillers. *eye roll*