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Jamie Foxx Says He Almost Died During Emotional Speech At The Critics Choice Association

For the first time since his medical scare earlier this year, Jamie Foxx accepted an award onstage and spoke to a crowded room of people. He was honored at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Cinema & Television: Honoring Black, Latino and AAPI Achievements on Monday, December 4 in Los Angeles.

And during his acceptance speech, which lasted over 10 minutes, the 55-year-old actor got emotional as he talked about how he cherishes every single day now after nearly dying months ago.

He also revealed that just six months ago, he wasn’t able to walk…

I want to thank everybody. I’ve been through something. I’ve been through some things. It’s crazy, I couldn’t do that six months ago. I couldn’t actually walk. It feels good to be here. I cherish every single minute now. It’s different. It’s different. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy, because it’s tough when you almost… When it’s almost over, when you see the tunnel.

Of course, this is Foxx we’re talking about here, so mixed in with the emotion were some hilarious jokes. He joked that it was hot inside the tunnel.

I saw the tunnel. I didn’t see the light! It was hot in that tunnel so I didn’t know where I was going. S—, am I going to the right place? I seen the devil goin ‘C’mon, now.’

He also wanted to make it clear he’s not a clone, “I know a lot of people who were saying I was cloned out there. Boy, y’all ain’t s**t,” he said with a laugh.

Unfortunately, he still didn’t say what sparked the medical emergency, but I suppose that’s not information we’re supposed to know. We’re just glad he’s back to looking happy and healthy. He’s such a talent.