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Tyra Banks Goes Makeup Free To Celebrate Her 50th Birthday

On Monday, model/actress Tyra Banks celebrated her 50th birthday. That’s right, Tyra Banks is 50-years-old. Hard to believe, right?

She went on her Instagram account to share a series of photos she snapped on her birthday, and as you can see, she’s going with the makeup free look.

Banks is wearing a cozy looking robe in the photos, looking like she just woke up, but still beautiful. She certainly looks outstanding for 50-years-old. I think we can all agree on that.


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In the post, she talked about how so many people fear getting older, and while she understands where their fears come from, she thinks they should change how they view the aging process.

So many fear getting older. That’s understandable. Things just aren’t the same anymore. Our bodies. Our energy. Our minds. 🧠 But I gotta say, my mind is FIERCER THAN EVER. Wise, baby. But still… I think we have to look at aging and these big milestone years like, ‘I GET to be that age.’ A Blessing.

She then talked about how you don’t have to stay stuck in life. You can change little things every single day. Don’t let anyone put you inside a box.

Wise words from Auntie TyTy: You don’t have to stay stuck. You can start off doing one thing, and as the years go by, you switch that ish up. ➰Yeah, I started in the fashion world and did the whole magazine covers, catwalks and couture 💄 thing and more but I have pivoted, baby. Again. You can 2. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. You hear me?!

Do yo’ thang, Tyra!