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This Actress Claims Tim Allen Was A “Bitch” To Work With On “The Santa Clauses” Set

Tim Allen isn’t exactly known for being a great co-star. You’ll remember, earlier this year, Pamela Anderson revealed he actually flashed her on the set of ‘Home Improvement‘ years ago. His reps denied it, but I mean, who are you going to believe?

And now, we have another report of Allen being a douchebag on set.

Actress/comedian Casey Wilson worked with the 70-year-old actor on the set of the TV series, The Santa Clauses, which is some sort of weird spinoff of the popular Christmas film franchise.

She claims working with Allen on the show was “the truly worst experience” she’s ever had with a co-star. She remembered a scene where her character confuses Santa (Allen) with an intruder…

So I’m throwing things at him. [He] goes over to the producer who is standing four feet from me and goes, and I hear him, he goes, ‘You gotta tell her to stop stepping on my lines.’

Wilson says the producer then had to relay the message to her because everyone was walking on eggshells around Allen. No one wanted to piss him off.

She also claims he was rude to everyone and never even made eye contact with her once filming was complete.