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Megyn Kelly Calls For The Cancellation Of Taylor Swift After Superstar Attends Gaza Fundraiser

The war between Palestine and Israel has sparked a lot of debate online and probably ruined some friendships. There’s not much middle ground. It seems as if you’re either pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, which is unfortunate because like with most feuds, both sides play a role here.

Global superstar Taylor Swift had been staying largely silent on the matter, but this past weekend she attended a Gaza fundraising event, put on by comedian Ramy Youssef in Brooklyn. All the proceeds from the event were donated to American Near East Refugee Aid.

And even though the organization has made it clear they do not have any connection to Hamas, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly believes Swift should be cancelled for showing any support for Palestine.

Kelly, 53, noted that Jerusalem-based organization NGO Monitor describes Anera as ‘highly political,’ presenting a ‘highly biased view’ of the Israel–Palestine war, ‘ignoring any Palestinian responsibility for hardship and contributing to the demonization of Israel.’

She goes on to claim that Swift owes Israelis and Jewish Americans an apology.

Attending this thing was wrong. It was wrong. Do some Googling. See what they do in Gaza to gays. See about women’s rights in Gaza, Taylor. Otherwise, do this when it comes to talking about those issues again. [shut up] You clearly know nothing.

Here’s the thing though, both sides are presenting a highly biased view of the war, not just Palestine. Some people on the Israel side seem to be forgetting that there are HUMANS on the other side. Not everyone who lives in Palestine is associated with Hamas. There are regular ass humans just like us trying to survive over there, and to act like it’s some sort of crime to offer support to those citizens is just cruel.

But sure, let’s cancel Taylor Swift. Good luck with that.