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Travis Barker Buys His Kids $150k G-Wagons For Christmas… AND MUCH MORE!

While most families save all year just to afford a bike or maybe a video game console for their kids, Travis Barker is out here dropping over $300,000 on his two kids, 18-year-old Alabama and 20-year-old Landon.

Alabama, who just turned 18 on Christmas Eve, gave her followers on Instagram a taste of what she got for her birthday/Christmas, and her biggest gift was an all-black G-Wagon. And as you can see, there are two of them, because her older brother also got one.

A 2024 G-Wagon has a base price of around $150k, but you can bet Barker got them all the premium add-ons, so he likely spent more than $150,000. Or maybe he got a discount for promoting them on Instagram. Who knows.

In addition to the new ride, Alabama also got a Hermes Birkin bag, which typically sets one back $30,000.

Oh, and Kris Jenner got her a $4,000 silver Cartier watch…

She likely got over $400,000 worth of Christmas gifts, which is absolutely insane.

Safe to say, Barker’s kids have a much different experience than Guy Fieri’s kids. You’ll remember the celebrity chef forced his kid to drive his grandma’s old minivan for a year before giving him a new car. You can read all about that here. He also makes his kids go to college in order for them to be included in his will.