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Kelly Clarkson Claims Her Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock Told Her She Wasn’t “Sexy Enough” For ‘The Voice’

You know the singing competition show ‘The Voice’ on NBC? The show that once had CeeLo Green as a judge? Well, Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, reportedly told her she wasn’t sexy enough to be a judge.

This bizarre detail is coming to light, thanks to court documents obtained by The Post. According to the documents, Clarkson told the court she had wanted to be a judge on the hit show for years, but her ex-husband kept telling her they were looking for someone sexier.

He told her network execs were looking for “a more sex symbol type” and wanted someone like “Rihanna” over her.

The ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ host made the bombshell claim last year to a California labor commissioner, who ultimately ordered Blackstock to pay Clarkson $2.6 million for unlawfully procuring deals that should have been handled by her agents.

You’ll remember in addition to being her husband, Blackstock also acted as her manager, which is never a good thing. You don’t want to mix personal and business.

Clarkson ended up joining ‘The Voice’ as a judge in 2018 during the 14th season, so it looks like Blackstock was wrong. Maybe that was his way of trying to trick her into working out or something. Who knows. I mean, I don’t think ‘The Voice’ is worried about sex appeal, considering they still let Carson Daly host. He has the sex appeal of a baking potato.