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Emily Blunt Attends Governors Awards Solo After Curious Conversation With John Krasinski Sparks Viral Debate

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski seem like one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples, but are they headed for a divorce? Some fans are convinced because of this 5-second clip from the Golden Globes red carpet.

In the clip, some lip readers believe Krasinski tells Blunt, “I can’t wait to divorce,” and she responds with “Same,” and he doubles down saying, “I’m serious.”

That’s what 50% of the population believes. The other 50% believes they were talking about something much more mundane: the weather.

You can hear her say ‘It’s actually kinda chilly right now.’ And he responds, ‘I can’t wait to get indoors,’ another amateur lip reader assessed.

The debate is still raging on, and to add to the speculation, Blunt attended the Governors Awards by herself on Tuesday night, just two days after the Golden Globes.

For the star-studded event, Blunt, 40, opted for a jaw-dropping black gown that featured a plunging neckline decorated jewels that merged into a necklace.

Krasinski was not by her side though, which can mean only one of two things: they are divorcing… OR IT WAS STILL JUST TOO DAMN CHILLY!

Neither star has commented on the rumors, but we can’t imagine they’re actually getting a divorce. I mean, Krasinski would have to be a pretty big douche to seriously bring up divorce while walking the red carpet. We just don’t see that.