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Ariana Grande Drops New Song “Yes, And?” And Seemingly Fires Back At Relationship Haters

Last year, Ariana Grande made the headlines for basically being a homewrecker. You’ll remember, just a few weeks after she filed for a divorce from her estranged husband Dalton Gomez, the 30-year-old singer/actress announced a new romance with her ‘Wicked‘ co-star, Ethan Slater.

This was a bit of a problem because Slater was reportedly still with his wife at the time, and they just welcomed their first kid together the year before. His wife claims she was “completely blindsided” by his relationship, but insiders close to Slater claim he and his wife had been split for months.

In any event, the haters came hard for their romance, especially after it was revealed they were moving into an apartment in NYC together.

But Grande doesn’t give a f**k about the haters. She dropped a new song this week titled, “Yes, And?” and in the track, she sings, “Your business is yours, and mine is mine… why do you care so much whose — I ride?”

Okay then. Not really my vibe, but her fans seem to like it, so that’s probably the most important part.

For what it’s worth, her and Slater appear to be madly in love. Just last month, she wrote this on her Instagram Story…

i have never felt more pride or joy or love while simultaneously feeling so deeply misunderstood by people who don’t know me, who piece whispers together and make what they want out of me and their assumptions of my life.

We’ll see how long the romance lasts.