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The 2024 Emmys Play Favorites During In Memoriam Segment, Pay Special Tribute To Matthew Perry

The “In Memoriam” part of an awards show is always a little strange. It’s basically a death popularity contest. Some awards shows have banned clapping during the tribute, which has helped the awkwardness some, but still, some actor’s deaths are highlighted more than others.

There was a prime example of this at the 2024 Emmys last night, when Matthew Perry was selected as the last person to appear on-screen during their in memoriam.

Not only that, Charlie Puth started playing a hauntingly beautiful version of “I’ll Be There For You” which is the Friends theme song, of course.

And look, we’re not saying it wasn’t emotional and beautiful, but damn, they are basically saying he’s more important than literally every other person who died.

It’s weird, right? We can’t be the only ones who think that. Still though, RIP ALL THE LEGENDS!