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Snoop Dogg Claims OnlyFans Offered Him $100 Million To Pull “That Thang” Out

If someone offered you $100 million to pull your “thang out” for millions of people… would you do it? The answer is probably yes, but what if you already had a net worth close to $200 million? Then your answer gets a little more complicated.

This is where Snoop Dogg found himself recently. During an Instagram Live Show, the 52-year-old rapper claimed OnlyFans hit him up, telling him he could easily make $100 million on the site if he simply put his little solider on full display. Initially, he was considering it, but then his wife, Shante Broadus, made the decision easy for him.

They were like, ‘OnlyFans wants you to come on there, Snoop. You could do about $100 million. All you gotta do is pull that thang out. I’m like, I got a black wife. Ain’t no way in the world she gonna allow me to go on there and pull that thang out for no amount of money.

Smart man. Snoop has been married to Shante since 1997, and they’ve known each other since high school, so there’s a strong bond between them. They did hit a rough patch in 2004, with Snoop filing for divorce, but they were able to work out their differences and renewed their vows in 2008.

If you’re wondering, Snoop is worth an easy $160 million, so he does not need OnlyFans money. But still, $100 million just for showing your d**k? That’s tempting, no matter how much money you have in the bank.