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T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Get Into Argument While Recording Podcast Together

Disgraced “GMA3” co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are feeling the pressure after they basically chose love over their careers. You’ll remember, they were let go from their jobs at ABC after it was discovered they were having an affair with one another. They were both married at the time, although, they maintain they were on a break from their respective partners.

In any event, they lost their jobs and for nearly a year, they flew under the radar. They decided to make a return to the spotlight late last year with a new podcast appropriately titled, Amy & T.J.

And the first few episodes were all good, with them still seeming madly in love, but in the most recent episode? You can tell there’s some trouble in paradise.

During the Monday episode of the show, Amy went on a little rant about “choosing love” as it pertains to her career. This seemed to rub T.J. the wrong way, so he asked her to elaborate on the subject.

She attempts to clear up what she means … ultimately landing on something to the effect of — she feels like she’s had her career taken from her, and that it’s unfair since she chose him. Eventually, T.J. himself chimes in … and notes, she obviously feels some type of way — explaining that he’d been sensing passive-aggressiveness from her even earlier that day.

You can tell there is a lot of tension between them. This is definitely a discussion they’ve had before, and one has to wonder if Amy is having regrets about the relationship now.

Would not be surprised at all if they split before summer hits.