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Tish Cyrus Claims She Told Billy Ray To Star In ‘Hannah Montana’ With Miley In Attempt To Save Their Family

As most of you know, the Cyrus family is a broken unit these days. After Billy Ray and Tish split a couple years ago, the kids have kinda taken sides, with some gravitating toward Tish and some opting for Billy.

And while Billy Ray has claimed in the past that the Disney Channel show ‘Hannah Montana‘ was the beginning of his family’s demise, Tish remembers the show a little differently.

During a recent appearance on the ‘Call Her Daddy‘ podcast, the 56-year-old remembered how she encouraged Billy Ray to take the part in Hannah Montana because she believed it would save her family.

Tish explained that a lightbulb went off in her head when ‘Hannah’ casting directors joked they ‘couldn’t afford’ Billy for the show during Miley’s audition … prompting her to jump in and tell them the idea wasn’t too far-fetched. She then turned to Billy, urging him to audition, and while she knew it would be a pay cut for him, it meant their family would be together again.

At the time, the Cyrus family was living up in Toronto because that’s where Billy was filming a show. Tish did not like the idea of traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Canada. So, if Billy starred on the show with Miley, they could all be in Los Angeles together.

That’s what ended up happening, and the show was a huge success. But sadly, things didn’t go quite as planned after that. For what it’s worth, Tish seems happy now. She married Dominic Purcell last year.