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Lil Wayne Claims He Was Treated Like “Sh*t” At The Lakers Game

It looks like Lil Wayne now has beef with the Los Angeles Lakers. The 41-year-old rapper went to attend Thursday’s game against the Washington Wizards, but he claims he was treated like sh*t when he arrived.

He jumped on his Twitter account to blast the team, writing “F**k ’em” and speculating the treatment has something to do with his comments on Anthony Davis.

Damn. The dude is hurt… you can tell. Even though he says, “F**k ’em” you can tell it stings. For those wondering what he said about Anthony Davis, well, we gotta go back to November of last year.

During a chat with UNDISPUTED, he was asked how he felt about the Lakers upcoming season, “I feel good,” he admitted, but then took a shot at Davis…

If you ask me, if the Lakers want to be a championship team and in the future as well, you gotta get rid of AD.

It’s worth noting, a couple months later, he changed his tune and claimed the Lakers should keep AD because they wouldn’t be able to get anyone to match his trade value.

He did not give any details on what the Lakers did to make him feel like sh*t, but we’re assuming it wasn’t anything that dramatic.

Maybe he got one less fist bump than he usually gets from the team.