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Hailey Bieber Tells Fans All The Rumors About Her And Justin Are 100% False

We told you last week that Hailey Bieber’s father, Stephen Baldwin, reposted a video to his Instagram Story, asking people to pray for his daughter and Justin Bieber.

This led to lots of speculation over the past week on what might be going on. There have been several theories going around, from health issues to marriage troubles, but Hailey says they’re all bullsh*t.

The 27-year-old model went on her Instagram to slam the rumors, writing…

Just FYI the stories and constant ‘blind items’ I see on TikTok are 100% of the time wrong. Made out of thin air… come from the land of delusion. So I know it may be fun feeding into these stories but just know they’re always false xx sorry to spoil it.

Of course, this is not going to put an end to the speculation. People love to gossip, so no matter what Hailey says, a certain number of people are going to be convinced that Hailey and Justin are nearing divorce.

But really, she only has her father to blame for this latest round of rumors. What did he think would happen when he reposted this?

Gotta give pops some social media training, Hailey!